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Jean Honeymoon, half Thai and half Scottish, Glasgow Nu Jazz and Lounge Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist.


Jean’s involvement in music began in the mid 80s as singer/songwriter with Glasgow indie outfit, The Honeymooners. Following the band’s break up, Jean continued to be involved in music as a vocalist and DJ whilst raising her two daughters and working full time in Forensics.  It was the onset of disability in 2010 becoming housebound as a result which led Jean to focus on music – initially as a way to keep her mind positive by being creative. Over time and after investing in recording equipment Jean was able to upload her tracks to Soundcloud  and the collaborations requests followed.


Jean Honeymoon has released 3 collaborative EPs on ChinChin Records and featured as guest vocalist on Club Des Belugas studio album ‘Fishing for Zebras’. 2nd of October 2015 sees the release of her debut album - Jean Honeymoon ‘Come On In’  ChinChin Records.


Jean collaborated with Soup Dragons front man, DJ and producer, Sean Dickson on his forthcoming featured artists album Hifi Sean feat.  on which Sean’s  worked with some of his favourite vocalists including Crystal Waters , Fred Schneider (B52s),  Bootsy Collins and Yoko Ono to name but a few.


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Mister T, aka Dimitris Tentinis, composer, music producer and DJ from Greece was born in 1983 in Kavala (Northern Greece) and has been living in Athens since 2010.

Someone could describe his style as groovy with lot of funk, soul, afro, hiphop & jazzy elements.

He has been a member of Cold Busted Records (USA) label since June 2011 and his music is widely supported by listeners, djs, music & radio producers around the Globe. Mister T already released 3 albums and currently working on the

next one. Collaborations with vocalists & beatmakers, remixes and appearances on many compilations in labels like ChinChin Records, Timewarp Music, Digest Music & Cold Busted are filling the rest part of his discography.

Also, many of his tunes are remixed by well known artists like Club Des Belugas, Kaleidoscope Jukebox, Timewarp Inc, Omegaman, Jayl Funk, Umbo, Funky Destination,  My Neighbour Is, Mojo Rising, Green Street.

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Victor Maximiliano, Netherlands Producer, DJ and Remixer.

Victor’s interest in electronic dance music began in the early days of the legendary Roxy in Amsterdam and from having worked as a radio disc jockey for some of the popular local FM radio stations in the 1990’s.

By 2009 Victor’s musical journey turned to creating music by becoming a producer of unique deep sounds thanks to some retro analog gear followed by several digital releases on various record labels from several European countries.

Deepa Nova is the first musical collaboration between Victor Maximiliano and Jean Honeymoon. The original version, an extended instrumental track of over 8 minutes.

“When I posted the instrumental track on the internet it was picked up immediately by Jean who loved it, and she asked me if she could sing some vocals and send it back. We were both very exited about the great lushy atmosphere of  Deepa Nova.

The track contains elements of Deep House and Bossa Nova …the title was easy to imagine. I did the edit / mixing and final mastering myself, it was a pleasure working with such a professional and talented person as Jean is, we are very proud Deepa Nova is released on Chin Chin Records!”


Burkina Lounge, Padova, Italy are  Francesco Gobbo on Keys and Alessandro Arcuri on Electric Bass, two musicians who manage to blend their heterogeneous musical backgrounds with samples, musical quotations and loops which makes for their ‘easy-tronica’ sound.

As a live act Burkina Lounge have taken stage at two of Northern Italy's main events, Padova's Sherwood Festival and Venice's Altavoz International Festival. More notably, their music was used in Italy's recent Anti Nuclear Campaign, in June 2011.

Burkina Lounge’s ChinChin Records debut  marks their first release with Jean Honeymoon,  their earliest musical collaboration dating back to 2006  with Time being a rework of their first recording together. 





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