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ac 2115 - Adani & Wolf - Here Comes The



release: 28. February 2020



release: 23. September 2016


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Amsterdam based groove musketeers and beat ambassadors, are supplying the globe’s most luxurious places with the better dance, lounge, and exotica music for many years. From Sao Paulo to Ibiza to Tokyo, these intergalactic cowboys are weaving effortlessly influences of world music, chill, jazz, dance and swing into a floating musical tapestry and combine it with their cinematic sound & vision.
The secret of their sound can be found in the combination of great musical skills, their love for exploring the rootsy nostalgic vibes we all grew up with and the use of warm vintage music gear and an cutting edge up-to-the-minute dance approach. 


Project2000 – It’s about time 

It all started  when Roberto Adani & Daniël Wolf came together in the late nineties. In a response to the dominant repetitive house sound of the late 90s, Adani & Wolf were aiming to bring the soul back into the dance music with their group, Project 2000. Melting organic instruments with electronic beats! Seven musicians from different countries put in their flavors creating a compelling mixture of drum ‘n bass, break beats, jazz, trip hop and disco!


#1 hit in USA with Praful

In 2001 they created  “One Day Deep” together with multi-instrumentalist Praful and combined their jazzy vibes with world music extracts from Brazil and India. Like its creators the music travelled throughout the world to become a ‘Billboard Best Selling album’ reaching the top 10 in the American Contemporary Jazz Chart in 2004. The single “Sigh” became a solid #1 hit on US jazz radio.


‘Les Seigneurs’ by Adani & Wolf

They moved on to explore the world of chill and exotica with their own album “Adani & Wolf (Les Seigneurs)”This album  features the unique guitar sound from the legendary Ernest Ranglin (Bob Marley, St Germain), the voice and tenor sax of Praful and the beautiful voices of British female singer Billie Godfrey (Sting, Mr Hermano) and from the Dutch divas Neobe, Moira Monsoon and Miss Bunty.

The CD has enjoyed a successful release in the USA while the single “Daylight’ was one of the 30 most played jazz singles. Meanwhile individual tracks are featured in motion pictures and on numerous compilations where listeners find their dose of jazz, world and chill.


‘Unconditional’ by Adani & Wolf

The twelve track album was the next addition to what is shaping up as an oeuvre, including their own sound, style and flavour. Unconditional defies traditional categorization, since it’s not strictly vocal nor strictly instrumental. Neobe’s vocals adorn six out of twelve tracks, the rest is instrumental. Praful (saxophone/flute) joins in on Voyage and Nuts, while Kalin Veliov lends a helping hand in the percussion department. All other instruments are courtesy of Adani & Wolf. Tommy Hilfiger offered directly a sponsor deal to get them dressed well.


‘Pyramid in your backyard’ with Praful

In 2005 they produced “Pyramid in your backyard” the much appreciated follow up album of Praful’s “One Day Deep” which was also released in the USA. Again Praful and Adani&Wolf succeeded in blending sparkling electronics and warm (ethnic) instruments into a tasteful, organic, deep nujazz-world record.


‘The End of the Rainbow’  by Monte La Rue

In 2007 a collaboration began with Monte La Rue, the Belgian dj/producer who has been nicknamed the Lounge King of the Lowlands. Monte La Rue asked Adani&Wolf to produce together with him, his new album. They finished working on this beautiful and deep record in February 2008 and it will was released before the summer of the same year.


 ‘Supersteam’ by Adani & Wolf

This release of Adani&Wolf, SuperSteam, is an album to dance, or simply hang to. An album that manages to impress because of the many ‘genuine pop songs’. When you think of it, ‘SuperSteam’ is the album on which everything Adani & Wolf have done over the past years perfectly comes together.

Naturally Praful and Neobe are not to be missed on this album. Other guests include Howard Sie, Afra Mussawisade and Berenice van Leer -daughter of the genius behind the band Focus, Thijs van Leer and leading lady of the Wicked Jazz Sounds Band. Speaking of leading ladies; diva Mieke ‘Giga’ Stemerdink aka Lamiga is putting in her weight too and what a fantastic voice she has! 


‘Into the Outback’ by Adani & Wolf
Lounge musketeers and downtempo ambassadors Adani&Wolf are on the move again. And this time literary. They picked up all the studio gear and moved their Soundlab to the south of Spain, were they lived their dream for one and a half year. The goal: a grand stimulation of their inspiration. And did it work! “Dutch sofasurfers are returning to the scene with a more than spectacular new album 'Into the Outback'. A result that is not to be missed! It's the crown on their amazing career of cinematic sound and vision." Monte La Rue


‘Electric Dandy’ by Adani & Wolf

With the CD ‘Electric Dandy’, Adani&Wolf have build a bridge between the future and the past. On their fifth studio album the Amsterdam Electric Dandies will take the listener on a retro-futuro trip past orchestral psychedelics, space-age exotica and intergalactic down tempo beats. In this musical time machine influences from Bacharach to Barrett to Bowie are being intertwined into a contemporary exotic universe.

A colourful troupe of fellow travellers, like saxophonist Benjamin Herman and the New York, Andalucian vocalist Suzette Moncrief, accompany Adani&Wolf on their cosmic trip. Surrealistic ballads as ‘Strange Light’ and  ‘A Bird with your Face’ are effortlessly alternated with micro-disco grooves of  ‘The  Moment ’  or ‘The Oxford Hustle’. Electric Dandy is in every way a perfect marriage between style, music & fashion.


And then now there is….

‘The Irresistible Dust on the Floor’ by Adani & Wolf


Some Adani&Wolf highlights:


  • Adani&Wolf scored a solid #1 radio hit with the single ‘SIGH’ taken from the Praful album ‘One Day Deep’ in the US Contemporary Jazz Charts.

  • The album stayed on the US American Billboard chart for 70 weeks and sold more than 100.000 copies worldwide.

  • Many great live shows: main stage Amsterdam Uitmarkt in front of 30.000 people. Festival with Underworld in Ahoy, Festival with Goldie in Bulgaria, Lowlands,  Festival Rock am Ring in Germany, Java Jazz on Jakarta with Kool&The Gang and Incognito, Drum Rhythm Festival, Melkweg, Paradiso, Helicopter tour, 5th of may, liberation day.

  • Recording sessions with the Symphonic Orchestra of Sophia/Bulgaria.

  • Recordings in the world famous Konk studio of Ray Davies , London.

  • Adani&Wolf albums 'Les Seigneurs' and 'Unconditional' released in the US.

  • Three years hosting at Supperclub, Amsterdam, with A&W SoundSystem

  • ‘Where would I be’ from the album Les Seigneurs, used as leader CSI MIAMI.

  • More than 100 tracks of Adani&Wolf used on compilations like Hed Kandi, Cafe del Mar, Hotel Costes, Brazilectro etc

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