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Fab Samperi, (born Fabrizio Samperi) is a music producer, musician, singer and DJ from Italy, known for his unique style blending retro sounds with electro and dance. 

He grew up in Catania where as a kid he studied music composition from the age of 12 and learned how to play flute, drums, and guitar.

His father introduced him to his jazz record collection while his older brother Roberto acquainted him with music genres such as Funk, Soul and Rock n roll, (Influences that he'd be carrying over till the present day, these sounds you can still hear in his new productions)

In high-school, he got into rock and started a rock band while in parallel, founded a hip-hop group, but only a few years later, he developed an interest in electronic music and founded a cross-genre project mixing new born styles such as trip-hop, dub, big beat with soul elements and pop.

With this project, Fab started performing at some of the most important Sicilian venues and managed to enter many regional and national competitions. 

His growing interest in sample-based music, along with his natural inclination to the one-man band philosophy, has taken him to put the live projects aside and start focusing on music production.

After a while Fab started deejay-ing, first at friend’s parties and later at clubs. 

In 2006 Fab released his first single on the Italian-based label "record kicks", he started traveling the world for a few years: living in U.K. Australia and Japan. During this period, he composed many of the tracks that formed his first album Power Bossa, released in 2011 on Agogo Records. Since then, he made a wide array of singles and remixes for record labels such as ChinChin, Afro Art, ESL, Freshly Squeezed, Jalapeno, Ghetto Funk to name a few.

His productions have been played by all the major radios stations of the world and have topped alternative iTunes Charts in Europe and abroad, while as a DJ he has been booked at virtually every European county.

His fast-growing reputation and success lead him to remix worldwide famous names such us musical icon Fred Schneider from the B-52's and most notably legendary jazz artist Nina Simone.

In 2018 he signed his new album on ChinChin Records






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