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Listening pleasure in cinemascope“


moca is back! With „cabriolet“ the foreman of a barrier free listening pleasure put their feet on the floor again. It is their third release after the worldwide impacting albums „Wroooooooooam“ (2003) and „Tempomat“ (2007)



Sorry, listeners, but the moca sound is uncategorizable. It melts snippets from funk, bits of jazz, a little latin here and there, a drop of pop.

Moca blend it with various electronic styles and forge unique listening pearls of wide musical range. In this unparalleled moca universe, moments of sheer beauty alternate with real beasts of beat. Relaxed virtuosity melts with smart arrangements. All songs combine delicious grooves, classy harmonies and catchy melodies: unique moca.


Numerous friends joined moca in the studio and added their colors to the new album. Outstanding: Ashley Slater, singer of the iconic acid jazz band

Freakpower (UK) around Norman aka Fatboy Slim, contributes incredibly cool vocals on two tracks.

Moca remixed a WDR Big Band version of latin-classic „Oye como va“ by Tito Puente / Carlos Santana.



Hans Christian Becker      Programming, vintage Keyboards, Synthesizers

Martin Becker                     Guitar

Ralf Eichenauer                  Synthesizers, Percussion

Christoph Kloppenburg     Guitar

Peykan Razani                    Percussion


MOCA - Lounge Lizard

MOCA - Too Far Out

MOCA - Flotter Tag


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