CLUB DES BELUGAS - FISHING FOR ZEBRAS  (album / release 2014)

01  Never Think Twice   (feat. Lene Riebau)

02  Let's Go

03  Weapon of Voice   (feat. Veronika Harcsa)

04  Path of Nothing   (feat. Hélène Vogelsinger)

05  Home Alone   (feat. Veronika Harcsa)

06  Welcome to Brazil

07  Iko Iko   (feat. Brenda Boykin)

08  The Lady was to Blame   (feat. Lene Riebau)

09  Mister T & Jean Honeymoon - The Secret   (CdB remix)

10  Just Me and My Dog   (feat. Anna-Luca)

11  Braves at Home

12  Hug Somebody But You   (feat. Veronika Harcsa)

13  Please Don't Tease   (feat. Anna-Luca)

14  Bittersweet   (feat. Lene Riebau)