We are looking for new and innovative Artists and Projects

for possible release and collaborations in 2014/2015.

Your musical style should fit with our label style

(jazz flavoured electro/indie stuff).


Please send us your Links and Demos to:








Feb 2  20:00 Woman in Jazz Festival / Halle (Saale) / Germany 
March 8  20:00 Aurora Concert Hall / St. Petersburg / Russia
April 17  19:00 The Moscow Stage Theatre / Moscow / Russia
                      Hosted by "Radio Jazz Moscow"
May 17  20:00  Private Concert / not public / Vicenze / Italy
May 24-31  "Alemanha Groove" Tour, Sao Paulo, Rio / Brazil
                      exact dates and venues tba

Aug 2  23:30 Valley of Arts Festival / Kapolcs-Balaton / Hungary
Aug 16  20:00 Wasserburg Lüttinghof / Gelsenkirchen / Germany


March 30  18:00 UNIKS Concert Hall / Kasan / Russia
May 3  22:00  Jazz Festival / Gronau / Germany
Aug 1  22:00  City Jazz / Kaliningrad / Russia



April 29  20:00 Lucerna Music Bar / Prague / Czech Rep.
July 31  13:30  Stadtpark / Bad Homburg / Germany
Aug 9  13:30  Boomtown Fair, Town Centre / Hampshire / UK
Aug 9  23:30  Boomtown Fair, Thew Ballroom / Hampshire / UK
Sep 28  20:00 Philharmonie / Essen / Germany






May 9, 2014
Various Artists - Football Time (41 track digital compilation)

41 Brazilian flavoured chilled tracks, including artists like
Il Santo, Bebo Best, Jen Kearney, Bajka, Rodrigo Sanchez,
Tape Five, Sans Chichi, Jojo Effect, Club des Belugas .....
perfect music for your football after show chill zone!



May 9, 2014
Club des Belugas & Papa Cobana - Welcome to Brazil (digital EP)

digital EP with 6 upbeat Samba and Brazilian flavoured tracks,
perfect for your upcoming football parties



May 5, 2014
Zoowax - "Double A" - Nine to Five / Taxi Driver (single)

the first single from the US band Zoowax with soul legend Sly Stone's
daughter Novena Carmel as singer. Including their upcoming
hit "Taxi Driver" and their famous song "Nine to Five"



May 2, 2014
Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra - Soccer Time (digital single)
Single release of Bebo's incredible Samba track "Soccer Time",
which is also the title track of our compilation below.
Perfect music for your upcoming football parties!



May 2, 2014
Various Artists - Soccer Time (digital compilation)

42 Brazilian flavoured upbeat tracks, including artists like
Bebo Best, Tape Five, Jojo Effect, Jen Kearney, Rodrigo Sanchez,
Kitty the Bill, Papa Cobana and Club des Belugas ....
Perfect music for your upcoming football parties! 



April 12, 2014
Club des Belugas - Straight to Memphis (single)


includes 3 versions of the song being used on the
McDonalds TV USA advert with LeBron James:


April 12, 2014
Zoowax - Zoowax (album)

the debut album from the US band Zoowax with soul legend Sly Stone's
daughter Novena Carmel as singer. Including their famous song
"Nine to Five"
German public radio "WDR 5" will present the album as "Album of the Week"
on June 16, 2014
March 14, 2014 / digital release 
March 28, 2014 / physical relase
Ludwig Sound Boutique - First Class Electro Swing Vol. 1 

compiled from DJ Farrapo & Carmela Senfett for LUDWIG SOUND,
Germany's best booking agency for Electro Swing artists



March 14, 2014
Tape Five - Bossa For A Coup Reloaded 

Better than before!
As the original album „Bossa for a Coup“ from 2007 was sold out,
TAPE FIVE decided not only to repress, but to give it a whole new polish:
remastered, bonus tracks and an updated cover.
Again: The soundtrack for your next Coup!


September 27,
2013 Tape Five - Geraldines Remixes  (10track EP) 
with remixes from Bart & Baker, Fab Samperi,
Pep's Shop Boys & Martin Dee


September 20, 2013
Club des Belugas & Thomas Siffling - The ChinChin Sessions (album)

with special guest singer Veronika Harcsa

September 20, 2013
Il Santo - Girls from Heaven (album)
fantastic debut album of the Italian band with 4 really
heavenly performing female vocalists.
Lounge & Nu Jazz in ultimate perfection