JOJO EFFECT - MARBLE TUNES  (album / release 2011)

01  Jazz Bizarre   (feat. Brenda Boykin)

02  Beija Me   (feat. Anne Schnell)

03  The Sky is Blue with You   (feat. Iain Mackenzie)

04  The Sky Bellman's Speech  (Bajka / Jojo Effect remix)

05  Freaky Brown Bug Meets the A Sisters

06  I'm an old Cow Hand   (Bing Crosby vs Jojo Effect)

07  Merveilleux

08  You never know   (feat. Lona Mour)

09  One of a Kind   (feat. Brenda Boykin)

10  Count on Me   (feat. Iain Mackenzie)

11  Brass des Belugas  

12  GoGo Girls   (feat. Anne Schnell)

13  Same Old Song (feat. Brenda Boykin / remix)

14 Scarlett   (feat. Anne Schnell)

15 Somewhere in Between  (feat. Lona Mour)

16 Thought's Tango   (feat. Anne Schnell)