(album / 2nd edition / release 2010)

01  Passing on the Screen   (feat. Anna-Luca)

02  Wild is My Love   (feat. Brenda Boykin)

03  Human Loss and Gain   (Radio Utopia & Bajka / CdB remix)

04  Clyde Beluga   (feat. Ferank Manseed)

05  WigWag

06  Floating on Air   (feat. Anna-Luca)

07  Un Grao de Areia

08  Back to My Room   (feat. Ferank Manseed)

09  My Hunger Hurts   (feat. Anna-Luca)

10  Airmail Special   (Ella Fitzgerald / CdB Remix)

11  Something Big and Endless   (feat. Anna-Luca)

12  Habana Twist

13  Zoo Zizaro   (feat. Brenda Boykin)

14  Too Late   (feat. Anna-Luca)

15  Jungle Flower   (Les Baxter / CdB remix)

16  Pain is Temporary   (feat. Ferank Manseed)

exactly the same tracks as on the 1st edition, only the cover has changed